Bring your fishing rods on holiday and discover the many great options for angling near Søndervig. Here you can fish from the jetty or direct from the coast, or alternatively visit a put & take lake if you prefer. Wherever you unpack your fishing tackle, great experiences await.


Fishing for all the family

The whole family can enjoy fishing – bring a picnic and maybe some games, colouring books or other things for the children if they’re of an age where sitting still can be a bit of a challenge.

On board a fishing boat

Hop on board a fishing boat and experience the environment in and around the fjord. At Bork Harbour, among other places, you’ll find fishing boats that offer fishing trips for the whole family.

The right gear

On a fishing trip, the right gear and bait is vital. If you need something for your tackle box, a fishing rod, or something else, you can find it in Søndervig.

Take a fishing trip

Lots of great fishing spots
Every fisherman knows that not just any fish will do – you may have a clear idea of what you want to take home with you. Fortunately, there are many great fishing spots both in Søndervig and a short drive away.

Put & takes
If you head for a put & take lake, all members of the family can join in. Often there are rainbow trout hiding in the lakes, and it’s a great experience for little ones to help land such a great catch. You can also use small lures and spinners.

Mackerel – and jetty fishing
Jetty fishing offers excellent options for catching delicious fish for eating. If you’d like to catch flatfish and cod, you’ll boost your chances using beads and spinner blades, as these types of fish are inquisitive and often hunt using their sense of sight. Generally speaking, mackerel, for instance, come in to the jetties at Hvide Sande in July, but it can also happen earlier in the year. To catch the lively mackerel, you usually need a special mackerel rig.

Herring for spring and autumn
If you’re holidaying in Søndervig in the spring, head for Hvide Sande to experience the fantastic herring fishing. You can catch spring herring from March to June, and again in the autumn and often until July. The herring swim in large shoals as they wait to make their way through the sluices, which makes catching them easy – all you need is a herring rig.

Great catches in the fjord
Take a trip to Ringkøbing Fjord, where you’ll find unique outdoors experiences in wetlands that are often surrounded by reeds. There is great potential for landing everything from pike, perch and a lot of other saltwater and freshwater fish. This is because of the drainage conditions at the sluices in Hvide Sande, where freshwater is found to the north and south.

Surfcast – a new type of fishing that requires strength
A new type of fishing that is becoming increasingly popular, surfcasting, where you fish directly from the coast. What characterises surfcasting is the powerful, long rods with large 100-400 gram weights. Equipment has been specially developed for this type of fishing, and once mastered it’s a great way to catch many different types of fish.