Naturkraft – let your senses go on a journey of discovery

Visit the Naturkraft park and let your senses go on a journey of discovery. Try sticking your head into a North Sea storm and feel the powerful forces at play. Go on an expedition around the park filled with play and adventure.


A unique building

Discover the magical atmosphere in a building reminiscent of a tent. This very special main building is covered by a foil that blurs the boundaries between inside and outside. Inside you’ll find various exhibitions, all with a focus on nature.

Go on a journey of discovery

At Naturkraft it’s all about leaving your earthbound connection behind and allowing your curiosity to take over. Lie down on the swamp net and put your homemade boats in the water. Try talking into the mouthpiece and see how much you can scare visitors at the other end. Try to get across the water and keep your feet dry.

Wind theatre in the open air

On the stage at Naturkraft you can watch the Vindrose performance, with wind as its focal point. See what happens when a wind collector travels around in a mobile wind lab collecting wind from all over the world.

Naturkraft: let your imagination run wild

Fun, imagination and learning
Explore nature’s fascinating universe and try your hand at games and activities where you put your own human engine to work. With fresh air as a constant companion, you can explore the park, letting your senses take it all in – a guarantee you’ll return home having learnt something new.

The park
You decide your own direction and pace. Perhaps you want to try out the big zipline first, or experience the pine forest and hear the park hosts explain how the forest was established – and the challenges the giant pines have had to overcome. And once your curiosity is aroused, you can also hear about seven other natural habitats and explore everything from the beautiful West Jutland heathland to the lyme grass dunes.

Come inside
At Naturkraft it is also possible to come inside and see the fantastic exhibitions about the power of nature inside the three domes, each with their own fascinating exhibition. Walk around the domes and be surprised. Even when inside you’ll still hear the powerful drumming of the rain – thanks to the special foil the domes are made of. You can also view the surrounding landscape and feel how close to nature you are.

Moments of discovery for young and old
At Naturkraft the whole family can use games and play to expand their knowledge of nature, sustainability and climate thanks to the many activities that each tell their own story. Take a deep dive into the secrets of nature and look forward to satisfying your curiosity together with your family.