The wild, wonderful North Sea

A barefoot walk on the beach and fresh air in your lungs makes it easy for young and old to forget the time and place. Sit down, listen to the waves and watch the sea change before your eyes. In the summer you can build sand castles, find seashells and eat ice cream, while in the winter the North Sea reddens your cheeks and plays with your hair. Whatever the season, the North Sea is worth a visit by the whole family.

North Sea

Beautiful bathing days

Put on your swimsuit and jump into the bracing North Sea – a dip in the sea here brings renewed energy and well-being for the whole body. Enjoy the North Sea on a warm summer’s day or the brisk air in winter.


Take a running start and see how your kite takes off. The wind off the North Sea is perfect for kite-flying. In August there is a mini-kite festival in Søndervig.

The hunt for golden chunks

Between the seashells and seaweed you may be lucky enough to spot small attractive chunks of amber – the perfect souvenir. Get some good tips for your own amber hunt on the amber safari that is organised in spring and autumn.

Local history at the seashore

Four kilometres north of Søndervig beach you can see the bunkers that date back to World War II. They were part of the Atlantic Wall that was never completed. Well worth a visit for history enthusiasts and curious children.

North Sea experiences

The North Sea has it all
The west coast offers a wealth of wonderful experiences that are based around the beach and the water. When you are on holiday in Søndervig, you’re in the ideal place to take it all in – revisit the past in the bunkers in Houvig, go on an amber safari or enjoy a horseback ride along the beach. Of course, you can also just enjoy the clean bathing water and the lovely beach. This year Søndervig beach has been awarded a Blue Flag, which is a guarantee of excellent water quality.

A nice dip
Go for a swim in the invigorating saltwater of the North Sea. A Blue Flag flies over the beach at Søndervig, indicating that the beach has received international environmental recognition of the high quality of its water, swimming safety and environmental considerations – here you are guaranteed both clean bathing water and a safe bathing experience. Along the west coast you’ll see lifeguards, who keep a keen eye on bathers and offer good advice for bathing safely.

Nordic gold
All along the Danish west coast there is a chance to find Nordic gold – small golden lumps of resin that have been in the sea for millions of years. Head off on your own and see if you are lucky enough to find some amber, which can often be found with the pieces of wood, seaweed and shells that wash up on the beach. You can also join an amber safari organised in spring and autumn.

Take your kites down to the North Sea and compete with the rest of your family – who can fly their kite highest and furthest? One thing is certain, the wind off the North Sea creates the perfect conditions for kite-flying. In August you can participate in a mini-kite festival in Søndervig, where beginners and experts meet to fly together. There is also a workshop where you can build your own kites.

From local history to full speed; in Søndervig you’ll find segways that are perfect for a challenging yet fun trip along the North Sea coastline. After a few goes on the practice track, you can head for the beach and find out which of you is best at keeping your balance on this alternative means of transport.

Bunkers in Houvig
Stop by and see the Houvig fortress near Søndervig, which was part of the Germans’ Atlantic Wall during World War II. The old bunkers are well worth a visit, and are a piece of local and world history. Guided tours of the bunkers are organised for visitors.

Beach-riding and morning exercise
Søndervig Ranch organises horseback rides along the beach for anyone with experience with horses who’s looking for a special experience by the North Sea. For those up early in the summer months, there are morning exercise sessions on the beach next to Badevej in Søndervig – and everyone is welcome.